What does “Picture Mandarin - Teach Cultural Values” mean?

Picture Mandarin (圖語)means using pictures to communicate, because Mandarin in Chinese is 普通話  (Pǔtōnghuà),the standard form of language. And Chinese characters are developed from pictures, but not everyone can draw so they are made into stokes to write.

Picture Mandarin hopes to convey the idea that regardless of what language you speak, Picture yourself in their standard and shoes, you will be able to communicate empathatically.

An example of pictographs 

While majority of the Chinese population (China and Singapore with 1.5 billion people) uses the Pinyin and Simplied form of writing, Picture Mandarin promotes the Zhuyin and Traditional form of writing because:

If you want to learn a language, you should learn their Phonetic alphabet to attempt the more accurate pronunciation. And learning in Zhuyin will give the benefit of thinking in that Language and focus on the word characteristics.

Essentially: Zhuyin is Chinese symbols for pronouncing a word, like ㄅ for B sound. Pinyin is English letters used as symbols to pronounce Chinese sounds, such as Ang for On sound.

Many people consider Traditional and Simplified form of Chinese as Two separate form of writing. In reality, they overlap about 80% of the characters and if you learn one, maybe able to guess the other form.

When you type or pronounce the word, it is the same, just a matter of preference in writing. When you look at the Traditional characters , it will give more clue to the meaning of the word.

The easiest way of explaining the difference, is to think of Simplified form as an Acronym of the Traditional Form.

Lastly, in addition to teaching the language skills, we ONLY discuss cultural topics and behaviors but NO Political discussions.


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